Backyard Pool Designs: Custom Pool Ideas for Your Yard

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Have you been eyeing up inground pools and researching swimming pool builders in your area that are known for amazing backyard pool designs while wondering if it’s time you had a pool in your very own yard? If the answer is yes starting can be a little intimidating, but if you do your research and work with a reputable swimming pool designer that is known for bringing custom pool ideas to life, you’ll be just fine!

But before breaking any ground, let’s review a few factors that go into backyard pool designs and constructions to help you make the best investment ever.

Inground Pools for Your Backyard: Tips & Hints

There are a huge variety of options when it comes to picking a pool for your yard. If you’ve decided that you want an inground pool versus an above ground pool, hot tub or swim spa, then you’ve already done a bit of the leg work and are ready to start diving into the most important details.

First things, first: Size Matters

The size of your pool is the first factor to consider when designing and investing in a pool. So, before you “go large” or go on the smaller side, consider these factors first:

  • When picking the size, consider how you’ll be using the pool. Are you using it just for fun and relaxation, or are you using it for exercise and training? How you intend to use your beautiful aquatic investment will determine the best size and shape of your pool.
  • How big is your yard? And even if your yard is huge, you don’t have to fill it all up with a giant pool. You need to think about how much space you want the pool to take up in your yard, to start. All the designing will be around this.

After you’ve considered how big you want your pool and how it would work with your current yard space, the next two biggest factors are the shape and style. Essentially, even if you’ve got some crazy idea, picking the right swimming pool builders will help when it comes to making final decisions, no matter what.

Really, your pool is an extension of your home so you want it to work together with the style of your house. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Do you want it to be wild? If you’re thinking of adding water features like a waterfall or having a lagoon style pool, keep this in mind when choosing the shape
  2. Shapes: rectangle…kidney…infinity or vanishing borders…figure 8…L-shaped…the possibilities can go on and on. Rectangle is a great shape for a family pool with room for the kids to play. Infinity style or vanishing borders are trendy, hot and very modern looking at any size. This style is more freeform, and freeform and vanishing style pools really work if you have special landscaping around your pool or yard that you would like to accent. Kidney shaped is great for most sized yards, overall.

Lastly, consider your landscaping needs or desires—from plants to decks.

Do you want to add on a deck in your yard or around the pool? Are you investing in cool water features for your pool? If yes, maybe you’d like to add some exotic landscaping to up the ambiance and look of your pool. When choosing your pool design, don’t forget the landscaping in and around your yard and pool.

The bottom line? This is the fun part! Just make sure to choose reputable pool designers in order to get the best bang for your buck. Remember: a pool is an investment with such great return!