Design Your Own Pool On A Budget

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Inspirational and jaw-dropping pool designs are not only for the wealthy, but also, for the regular every day “Joe or Jill.” If you’re looking to build a new pool and also want to design your own pool rather than go with the cookie-cutter look, shape and feel, it is possible on all types of budgets.

Obviously, the more money and space a person has to play with, the more wild and free the vision can be, but this doesn’t mean that a building a pool on a budget will keep you imprisoned to the same old, same old.

In order to create the custom new pool of your dreams on a smaller-scale budget, you should consider a few things in order to get your water oasis built and running.

Local Pool Companies Design Pools On A Budget

Number one, dig into your local resources!

#1- Call Local Pool Companies:

When you call your local businesses, make sure to ask them the following questions, when it comes to custom design:

  • Have you ever designed custom pools before?
  • What types of budgets do you work with?
  • Do you have any references of customers who had smaller budgets?
  • What about a portfolio?
  • Do you have any tips on how to make my new custom pool amazing on a smaller budget?

It’s vital that you interview all your local candidates before you choose a company. Make sure these people know what they are doing and that they don’t try to convince you to go over your budget in order to have a pool that screams “Fabulous and Unique!”

#2- Research Pool Designs:

Get your research done on pool designs!

  1. Hit the Internet and “pin” away various pictures of pools that inspire you and look “sort of” like you want your pool to look like. Maybe you won’t have the same room or budget to rock out the millionaire style pool, but perhaps you can incorporate a waterfall into your smaller budget pool, or keep the pool sized small, but have vanishing edges to create a cool look.
  2. See what sort of pitfalls you might run into with your backyard’s particular landscape
  3. Then, go back to those local pool shops. Look at their portfolios. Have they done anything similar to what you are looking for in your pool?

#3- Make your List:

Now that you’ve done your research, narrowed down the list of local pool companies to hopefully, one or two excellent candidates, it’s time to make a list of pool “must-have’s.”

For example, maybe you can compromise on the size of the pool in order to get the features or landscaping around your pool exactly how you want it.

Or perhaps, you can skip out on any water features or cool landscaping in order to have a small, vanishing edge or otherwise known as, infinity pool.

Really, it’s all about the things—aspects of the style, sizing, water features, etc., that really matter to you more than others when it comes to building a custom pool on a budget.

Once you have this list, it should be easy to then bring your list along with researched images to a local pool company to get both an estimate and the company’s input on the custom budget pool of your dreams.

Happy designing!