Shehan is a visionary in natural pool design and construction, creating natural swimming pools for commercial and residential clients with a touch of class.

Natural Swimming pools can indeed, be made of water that is chemical-free and consisting of plants placed hydroponically in the pool’s construction, but it’s not just about the make of the water that helps us feels right where Mother Nature intended us to be in the water, but it’s also the amazing design of a natural pool that more and more of our clientele is flocking towards.

Pool Waterfalls & Free-Form Pool Styles: A Natural Pool

Our natural pool creations are trend setting for the pool industry! As mentioned before, free-form pool styles can have plant life as a part of the pool system, but for those of us who want the look of a natural-style pool, complete with pool waterfalls, Shehan has created pools that:

  • Sit naturally within the environment to look like a body of water, and not like a traditional pool with various rock features
  • Utilize landscapes from nature, such as pool waterfalls and other aquatic designs that create the feel of a tropical paradise in your own home, hotel, spa or business
  • Can self-clean, rather than rely on harsh chemicals

View Our Natural Pool Gallery

These breathtaking natural swimming pools are one of a kind! Work with our pool designers to build the most jaw-dropping natural style pool for your needs, whether you are a private homeowner or a business owner looking to create a taste of paradise for your clientele.

With these designs, you’ll have a pool that is a natural extension of the environment—just like a body of water, but without the real harsh elements of nature.

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