Unique Custom Pools

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Everyone can have a pool, but not everyone can have your pool! If you’re ready to build a dream pool and have found a builder who specializes in creating unique custom pools, then it’s time to get inspired! The fact is if you are dying to have a private water oasis that looks like its own unique pool design, you must go with pool designers that should already be inspired to go the extra mile when building your private oasis!

Professional pool designers are experts at drawing out custom swimming pool ideas from their clients’ words, images, drawings and imaginations. If you’ve found a designer that can really spend the time to dig deep to create the lagoon style pool or another style pool of your dreams, then all it will take is a little patience, vision and imagination!

Pool Ideas: Lagoon Style Pool & Beyond

Okay—let’s get inspired with these tips for getting the best pool ideas for lavish, unique and memorable custom swimming pools!

1- Make It Global:

Take a Google search on bodies of water, from lakes to oceans around the world! Save all your images and print them out to show to your designer. Sure, you may not be able to place the Pacific Ocean in your backyard, but these images may inspire you.

Go a bit farther and research pools in other countries. What do they look like? What are some key aspects of the design you like?

2- Think About Water Features:

What are some of your favorite aspects of real-world paradises you viewed either in your own travels or on Google?

Did you love breathtaking rainforests or tropical lagoons? That’s where the lagoon style pool comes in.

Take note on some of these water features. Maybe it’s the rain—if yes, a rain curtain would make your pool super unique. Maybe it’s the lagoons…if so, let this inspire your pool design.

Keep going! Are you a fan of the Niagara Falls? Maybe a pool waterfall feature will really make your oasis uniquely “you.”

It’s not just about water features—consider the landscape:

3- Consider Landscape Features:

Do you like a lot of plants? How about a vanishing pool edge? Are you in awe over Greek architecture?

Do a hunt of architectural and worldwide designs that you love. Even if it’s just a window, ledge or backyard—save and print these ideas to show your designer.

What about a favorite flower? A favorite shape? Anything that is visually appealing is all important to share before pool construction begins.

4- Celebrity Sightings Abound:

Why should celebrities have all the wet and wild pool fun? Nope, they shouldn’t! But you can take some ideas you’ve seen online or in magazines from your favorite celebs’ backyard or indoor pools. You might see something that really strikes you or just inspires you.

5-Shape of Things:

Maybe it’s not a waterfall effect or a pool rain curtain, but instead, a unique shape to your pool that makes everyone’s jaws drop! You can even get more personal by picking a number—the day you were married on. A symbol—a shamrock for some Irish pride perhaps?

Even if this isn’t feasible based on your designated pool construction site, anything that gets you and your designer’s creative juices flowing will inspire you both to great wet heights!  No matter what, custom swimming pools are a joy and an investment worth making.