Shehan is the cutting edge of pool design and with the latest trend of lazy river pools, we are certainly leading the pack with this exciting and action-tinged style pool!

Once found only in waterparks, we now build lazy river pools for your backyard, meant to excite, relax and enchant you and your guest swimmers. To find out how you can have a luxury home pool with lazy river style elements, read on!

Residential Lazy River Pool Designs That Wow

In the past, Lazy river pools have been exclusive to resorts and water parks, however, the times are changing, and Shehan creates residential lazy river pool designs that wow right in your own backyard.

Our designers and builders create water flow that replicates the feeling of floating downstream, as well as incorporating waterfalls and landscaping and water features to add to the ambiance and pool experience.

To learn more how we can create a home pool with lazy river attributes in your own yard, contact us for a free consultation at (859) 371-9193.