The Right Questions to Ask When a Contractor is Building a Swimming Pool For You

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You’ve decided the time is right for building a swimming pool whether it’s in your backyard or in your place of business. You’re feeling excited about this pool! But, you’ve got some questions…and still, you’re wondering:

Out of all the swimming pool contractors, who should I choose to build this pool? Before you pick a swimming pool designer and contractor, ask these top questions of yourself—and the contractors you’re interviewing, to build the best pool for your needs!

Top Questions to Ask Swimming Pool Contractors (And You!) Before Building Your Pool

You’ve gone through all types of swimming pools in your mind and are starting to envision your perfect water oasis, but before you really dive in with a contractor, you need to know the right questions to ask this individual, as well as yourself to get the most out of this wonderful investment.

1- Who’s Using This Pool?

Before choosing one of your fabulous pool ideas, consider who’s actually swimming in the pool! Is it adults? Children? Business patrons at a resort? Athletes? Consider the “audience” when you choose the pool design and features you want.

2- Is Your Designated Pool “Area” Really Equipped For A Pool?

Whether it’s your backyard or a business, make sure the site is ready for a pool. This is where a smart pool contractor can weigh in on potential problems that may arise during construction.

3- Where Should I Put This Pool?

Do you pick the sunniest part of the yard for your pool? Will people be able to get in and out of the pool safely? Are you building this outdoor pool in the best spot to minimize wind exposure?

Do you know the building and zoning laws of your town, whether it’s for a residence or commercial business?

Do you need to have this pool fenced in? What about any gas, cable or water lines…will they determine where you place your pool? There are many questions to ask when it comes to location. Do not slack here!

Pool Design Ideas & Other Questions

Now that we’re getting into it, let’s consider some questions surrounding pool design ideas. Obviously question #1 factors into the design. A pool built for a family may have different features than an indoor swim spa for athletes, but when picking out the design, consider this:

4- How Will It Look From The Yard, House And/Or Entranceway to the Pool?

How will this pool look as people breeze by your house or view it from the window? Or in the case of residential properties, how will your pool look as clients go to enter the pool or pool room?

5- What Kind Of Shape Would Work Best?

Ask your pool designer what type of shape and features will work best with your space.

6- Do I Want Special Features?

Do you want a waterfall? Do you want special plantings? What about lighting? This is your pool to create and dream! Ask your designer about the best special features for your pool.

These are just a few questions you need to consider and ask your designer before building your brand-new pool! Whatever you do, make sure you feel comfortable with the designer you choose. This person is handling a worthwhile and pricey investment!